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Those who know about the importance of getting the truth known, and exposing corruption at SNC Lavalin and those associated with them in Montreal, Quebec and popular disinformation about people out of work in Canada, will know why.


Those who don’t like the idea will just have to get used to it.


I don’t approve of attempts to suppress the truth by blind obedience to silly little rules of protocol, at any level whatsoever, about what is considered “…not politically correct….” or “…not proper…” to discuss – never mind what is “not proper” to take action on “…..because of the legislation…..” - or because “……it’s been going on for so long that you CAN’T POSSIBLY DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT….”. All that is doing is invoking a universally-popular but fundamentally flawed form of “logic” where the AXIOM is converted into a REASON. I also don’t approve of lawyers looking for excuses to start vexatious or frivolous libel lawsuits to cover up for misdeeds by business leaders and others in Canada based on the fact that these people think they have the money to always enforce a “money talks” type of political regime at the expense of the “little guy”. Remember that in Canada we have a Prime Minister – Stephen Harper – who is on public record (as of May 2002) as saying that Canada is a “nation of defeatists”.


The attitudes that I referred to just now, and all similar ones, constitute exactly the type of defeatism that the Prime Minister is known to disapprove of. There is no problem whatsoever that “can’t” be solved - with the exception of those where all the proposed “solutions” attempt to break the natural laws of the universe (which, in everyday terms, means the laws of mathematics, physics and chemistry)


If there is a problem then you FIX IT. The law is not perfect, and never will be, and everybody knows that perfectly well – or is at least SUPPOSED to know that. Improvements in the law are always possible.  Occasionally, situations arise when it is necessary to improve the law by setting a legal precedent, in court or out of court - depending on the circumstances.



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Those people who are already familiar with it will recall that it is mainly about the misleading picture concerning unemployment and under-employment in Canada emanating from mass media reports, which in turn has been caused by incomplete information “at source” and completely wrong analysis thereof. This has caused some extremely serious problems with Ottawa’s high tech sector - notably since early 2001 - involving politicians, as well as the general voting public and the business community, being unable to understand what has really been going on and also being fooled into adopting grossly and un-justifiably optimistic views about Ottawa’s high tech sector and the economy in general. The result has been persistent neglect by all concerned to take action on the scale necessary to making Ottawa’s economy perform properly; in addition to this, there are still serious problems over non-access to retraining for those out of work, notwithstanding the federal / Ontario Labour Market Agreement effective April 1st 2008.


Robert T. Chisholm, Ottawa, October 2011